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Dooumb Dooumb

Rated 5 / 5 stars

It's refreshing to see rotoscoping animation again. It was very well done and fit the feeling of this funny parody. You nailed the "Doom Gameplay Experience" perfectly. I use the knuckle duster all the time, all while hopped up on anabolic steroids provided by the UAC.

Strong Pokemon Strong Pokemon

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is exactly how the Pokemon game universe works. You captured the feeling of it perfectly. Excellent artwork and animation that fit with the feel of the parody itself.

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Star of the North Fist Star of the North Fist

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very well done animation and art style that not only pays tribute to the Hokuto No Ken OVA Movie, but lampoons it perfectly! For the most part, these key scenes that you have parodied are all you would need to see in order to 'understand' the OVA movie. Of course, the writers of the original OVA movie pretty much messed up the first story arc from the story trilogy by trying to mash up all of the 'dramatic' events to make a quick cash grab from fans of the series.

It's too bad you didn't include Rei or Boss Fang; I'm sure those guys would have been made fun of correctly in your hands.

Well done!

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MangaFood responds:

If you liked this parody, you should check out the live action film of FOTNS. Knocks mine out of the water.

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RaidenX RaidenX

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

An AWESOME re-make of one of the best SHMUP games.

I seriously couldn't believe that it could ever be done, but Go0gley has finally made good on his previous promises; to re-create the sheer experience that makes the "Raiden" video game (SHMUP) series as fun as it can be. ------

Staying true to the original game series' roots, Go0gley has not only managed to re-capture and re-create the magic of several of the "Raiden" games, but he even went as far as paying tribute to the series by using the original music from the games. None of that 're-mixed' music here, just the original sound effects and music tracks from the legendary "Raiden Project" PS1 game.

GRAPHICS: Although this is somewhat of a remake of the "Raiden Project"/"Raiden DX" games for the PS1, Go0gley has not 'cheated' by simply porting over in-game vehicle sprites directly from the "Raiden" games. Each and every sprite in this game is re-drawn and animated from scratch. The detail even goes as far as having the Raiden Ship's shadow being cast on the ground below.

SOUND: In a true tribute fashion, the original music and sound effects from the "Raiden Project" PS1 game are present, albeit in a lower sampling rate. Some new sound effects were added as well and only enhance the game even more.

INTERACTIVITY: This is where the game really shines. Usually, Flash based SHMUP games are plagued with either bad controls or controls which are just not responsive to the on-screen action. This is not the case with "Raiden X". The controls are not only mega responsive, but for us SHMUP veterans, Go0gley was kind enough to let us breathe a bit easier by having the Raiden Fightercraft shoot it's guns on full-auto.

OVERALL: If you're a hardcore SHoot eM' UP fan, you WILL be in gameplay heaven, as this rendition of "Raiden" will not only surprise you, but will probably surpass any of your expectaions that you might have in regards to "Flash Re-makes" of arcade/console video games. What's even more convenient is that Go0gley was considerate enough to offer players the option to 'save' their game progress at the end of each level. I'm not only impressed, but amazed at how well this game plays. DEFINITELY one of my top 10 Flash Games. What else can I say except, EXCELLENT WORK.

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Go0gley responds:

W00t! *Looks at the praises* I'm stuck with words! Thanks so much for it. ^__^

Catch-A-Shit 2 Catch-A-Shit 2

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Shit, man....

Literally. LMAO
Pretty entertaining, yet disturbing.

Lunar Command Lunar Command

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A worthy re-make of a legendary classic.....

You know, this game ate up a good hour of my time because it added on to what I already loved about "Missile Command". I bet if Rob Fulop (the creator of Missile Command) were to see this, he'd commend you for re-inventing his original game. Definitely a job well done, MiniClip!

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Forest_Density [Box-Killa] Forest_Density [Box-Killa]

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Ambient, incidental music. Not for everyone.

First off, as a person who likes a diverse selection of music genres, to me, instrumental music, whether its derived from orchestral, rock, blues, country or simple acoustic, etc., is probably my favorite type of music, as these types of music/songs incite more feelings and emotions than music/songs with lyrics that are sung by singers.

This particular song that you have crafted is very catchy in a sense, that the repeating sound of the harp strings grab your attention and keep you interested in the song itself. The way the melody was put together gives me a feeling of wonder, curiousity and bewilderment, as the piano plays and dances within.

Nicely composed work. As another user stated, this is not exactly a song that would be carried around in most peoples' IPods, however, that's not to say that this particular song is not without its own merit.

I can imagine this song to be used in conjunction with a video game type setting, along the lines of an RPG game, similar in fashion to the "Final Fantasy" or "Secret Of Mana" series, as it seems you (the composer) might have been influenced a bit from fantasy themed music.

Overall, I'm quite pleased with this song. Most importantly, its the type of song that didn't make me want to stop listening to it.

Well done.

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Box-Killa responds:

Wow that's a nice long review. I dont have the time to respond to it all, thanks though anyway :D

I don't quite understand what you ment in your title by "incidental music", like music that can be used or something?

In response to the first paragraph, I'm glad you have diversity, so do I :D I mean, there are so many music genres and excellent songs, from the past that shouldn't be forgotten, why just listen to new stuff when there is at least 100 years of awesome music.

Second paragraph was a yes, yes ,yes ,yes sorta thing. I agree specially with the repeditive harp against the non repeditive melody, sort of like a clash between black and white.

And yea, many people already said it could be used in something like that lolz :D

well thanks for the review, I came back and responded properly :D